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We have thousands of campaigners around Scotland organised into 14 Campaign Hubs and one for Scots Diaspora

Join Salvo and campaign with thousands of others who want to secure Scotland’s self-determination and restore our constitution.

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We have more than 5,000 activists spreading the word about the Claim of Right and asking people to sign the Edinburgh Proclamation to join Liberation Scotland.

If you feel strongly about Scotland’s self-determination and believe that it’s in Scotland’s hands and no-one else’s, then Join Salvo.

On the Join Salvo application form you’ll also get the opportunity to join a Salvo Campaign Hub. Choose one that’s near you and join in the campaigning going on  in your area. We even have one for those of you who no longer live in Scotland – it’s called Diaspora.

Salvo Campaign Hubs

Salvo is a campaigning organisation – we are the campaigning arm of Liberation Scotland. To focus and maximise our campaigning effort, everyone in Salvo is part of a local Campaign Hub. Usually, that’s the hub in your area, but you’re free to join any one. We even have a Diaspora hub for those of you who don’t live in Scotland any more.

The Hubs cover the entire country, plus one for outside Scotland. These are:

Each hub will have their own page on the Salvo website where local Salvo Hub news and events can be updated. Each hub also has access to a Facebook Group Page.

The Claim of Right

Scotland is an independent country in a union with England, a union that is governed by the 1707 Treaty of Union. That treaty has a get out clause for Scotland called the Claim of Right, an act of the old Scottish Parliament. The Claim of Right is a fundamental condition of the treaty that preserved in all time coming the sovereignty of the Scottish people.

We all need to get that message out to everybody in Scotland. We need to get them to sign the Edinburgh Proclamation and build the Scottish Liberation Movement.

Join the Scottish Liberation Movement

On 1st September 2022, Salvo proclaimed Scotland’s constitutional sovereignty, as embodied in the Claim of Right Act, and invited our civic and business communities to join with members of the public to urgently recall the Convention of the Estates, in the form of a modern, Scottish National Congress.

Now it’s time to get to work. Because to do all of that and to support our case to the UN and the international community, we need to build popular support through a Scottish Liberation Movement.

The Liberation Movement will enable Scotland to ignore the weasel words of the Westminster Government that we need their permission to regain our independence. We do not.

The Scottish National Congress

On 1st September 2022 we invited members of the public, our civic and our business communities to recall the Convention of the Estates. This will be known as the Scottish National Congress.

The Scottish National Congress will be an organisation devised, organised and operated in the most open democratic manner. People will not be invited to join, instead membership is open to all and all are invited to apply to serve to genuinely reflect a true cross section of Scottish society.

Membership of the Congress itself shall be by ballot and rotation. An important role of the Congress will be to examine issues of national importance where expert witnesses will be called and matters put to a vote to determine the outcome of the Congress’s debate.

The Scottish National Congress will be the living embodiment of the sovereignty of the Scottish people in action.

King Charles and the Claim of Right

A post by Gareth Wardell (Grousebeater) on the King’s swearing to maintain the Claim of Right

The Edinburgh Proclamation

The document that proclaims our sovereignty. Sign it here

Notice to Quit

Read out by Neale Hanvey, MP, on 1/9/22, to the Secretary of State for Scotland

Neale Hanvey Speech 010922

Speech by Neale Hanvey, MP, before a static assembly of 100 people on 1/9/22 at the UK’s Colonial Office, Edinburgh

Why The Claim of Right Matters

The Claim of Right enables us to build not just an independent country but also a better, fairer one,

This Is Our Claim of Right

The Claim of Right, its history, why it matters today, and what you can do to restore our self-government and make a better, fairer Scotland

The Case of the Missing Constitution

An irreverant take on how AV Dicey obfuscated, hid and outright lied about the Treaty of Union for the UK parliament to ignore Scotland’s constitution

A Real and Ancient Constitution

A timeline along the path of Scotland’s ancient constitution, from pre-medieval times to the moment when the Union suppressed our national identity and with it our unique constitution.

The Treaty Bites Back

The forgotten condition of the Treat of Union – what every Scot should know. Plus, Dicey demolished: even if you’ve never heard of him, by the end of this you’ll be bilin’ at what he – and by extension the UK govt – did to keep our ancient birthright from us – and why.