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People Who Are Wrong

Some people are wrong. They just are. Says Stendahl, anyway

Claim of Right and Our Constitution

Documents and Commentaries

A library of historical documents, contemporary commentaries and explanations pertaining to the Claim of Right and the Scottish Constitution

The Claim of Right

History, relevance and what can we do to restore our constitution through he Claim of Right

The Treaty Bites Back

The forgotten condition of the Treat of Union – what every Scot should know. Plus, Dicey demolished: even if you’ve never heard of him, by the end of this you’ll bilin’ at he – and by extension the UK govt – did to keep our ancient birthright from us – and why.

The Declaration of the Estates

The Declaration of the Estates of the Kingdom of Scotland containing the Claim of Right and the offer of the Croune to the King and Queen of England (historical document)

The Case of the Missing Constitution

An irreverant take on how AV Dicey obfuscated, hid and outright lied about the Treaty of Union for the UK parliament to ignore Scotland’s constitution

A Real and Ancient Constitution

A timeline along the path of Scotland’s ancient constitution, from pre-medieval times to the moment when the Union suppressed our national identity and with it our unique constitution.

The Old Scottish Parliament

Documents and Commentaries to 1707

Legislative acts of the Scottish Parliament, commentaries and other resources.

Act of Union with England

The Act signed hidden from the mob in what is now a toilet.
“Act ratifying and approving the treaty of union of the two kingdoms of Scotland and England”

Act for securing of the Protestant religion and presbyterian church government

The Act inserted into the ratifying Acts of Union that “ratifies approves and for ever”.. the Claim of Right

Common Good Act 1491

The Common Good Act – still in force today – provides legal status to Common Good assets and creates an obligation that they be managed for the benefit of the citizens of (what was) the burgh.

Granting of Privilege to Burghs

Bruce’s granting of privileges to burghs around Scotland

Act of Union with Scotland

“An Act for an Union of the two Kingdoms of England and Scotland”

Claim of Right Act 1689

The Claim of Right Act that affirmed the existence of an enforceable, Scottish constitutional arrangement where the sovereignty of the people limits the power of government. I

Act of Salvo 1663

Act of Salvo (salvo jure cujuslibet – let whosoever sue the Crown). This was a gesture respectful of the Scottish constitutional arrangement whereby the People are sovereign and every subject of the kingdom must be respected both as an integral and individual unit of sovereignty, much like any part being representative of the whole of a hologram.

Legal Rulings, Case Law and Precedent

Related Rulings and Findings in Law

Legal rulings relating to the Claim of Right and its implications.

Why There Cannot be an 'rUK'

By Ian Campbell CMG, former circuit judge and former Honorary Visiting Professor at the University of Liverpool

Demolishing the usual UK contention that Scotland was extinguished in 1707, but England somehow continued somehow under the new name of Great Britain. If this were correct there would be no “Union” to dissolve but merely independence to grant.

The Union and the Law

By David M Walker, Regius Professor of Law in the University of Glasgow, 1958-1990

An argument that the Union’s legal basis is often misunderstood and that its reconsideration would be far from simple

That [the Treaty of Union] was a treaty in international law is amply evidenced by the terms of preceding legislation, by the fact that Queen Anne twice visited the negotiations and enquired for progress with “the Treaty”, the fact that the Articles themselves refer repeatedly to “this Treaty”. The word “article” is the proper technical term for a part of a Treaty, whereas “section” is proper for a part of an Act.

Scotland's Magna Carta

By Professor the Rt Hon Sir David Edward

Magna Carta is not, and never has been, part of our law. Perhaps our Magna Carta is the Claim of Right of 1689, contemporary with, but significantly different from, the English Bill of Rights.

On Treaties

By Max Vetzo, PhD Candidate in Constitutional Law, Utrecht University

The Legal Relevance of Constitutional Conventions in the United Kingdom and
the Netherlands

The Miller Judgement

Judgement against appeal by the UK government

Triggering of Article 50 Appeal

Appeal by the Independent Workers of Great Britain

Contemporary Supporting Documents and Papers

Academic papers, Documents

A collection of documents written by academics, scholars and experts.

Reclaiming the Rights of Scotland

Reclaiming the Rights of the Sovereign, Territorial, Nation of Scotland. A paper published by the Steering Group for the Scottish National Congress to restore the rights of the sovereign territorial nation of Scotland.

Who We Are

Who We Are and Where We Come From.
(The Origins and Character of Scottish Popular Sovereignty)

For The Common Good

The Community Empowerment Act (Scotland) 2015 introduced responsibilities for local authorities on registration, use and disposal of Common Good assets.

Common Good: A Quick Guide

By Andy Wightman, former MSP, Scottish Parliament

A quick guide to identifying and restoring your common heritage.
Common Good Funds emerged in the early development of burghs and made clear in the Common Good Act of 1491

Past, Present and Future

By Sheila Adam

The Treaty of 1707 is an international treaty. Our status within the Union is a matter of international, not domestic law. Scotland needs no country’s permission to regain self-government.

The Socio-Political Determinants of Scottish Independence

By Professor Alfred J. Baird

A research paper that demonstrates the fundamental importance of Scottish national culture and the Scots language as key drivers of our national identity and consciousness

Writing Scottish Parliamentary History

An essay by Amy Blakeway & Laura Stewart, which emphasises how the parliament sustained its legitimacy and relevance, in part, by drawing on past practices and ideas (20pp)

Scottish Parliamentary Review

A brief history of an ancient institution.

The Theoretical Case For Scottish Independence

By Professor Alfred J. Baird

The context in which Scottish independence is often discussed raises many questions, not least what independence actually means and why it is necessary?

Scottish & English Coronation Oaths

The coronation oaths of Scotland and England

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Documents, leaflets and graphics

The Edinburgh Proclamation

The Edinburgh Proclamation, as read aloud by MP Neale Hanvey to an assembly in Edinburgh on 1/9/2022

Claim of Right Booklet

Original booklet as researched and written by Sara Salyers, in booklet form (A5 spread for A6 pages)
scotland lost parliament

How Scotland Lost Her Parliament

This is a copy of a free to download publication by Charles Waddie (1891) from iScot magazine.

We’re collaborating with iScot magazine. Read iScot, including free issues, here.

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