Salvo is an operating name of Salvoscot Limited, No SC734843, registered in Scotland at 2 Melville Street, Falkirk FK1 1HZ. Our website address is:

Salvo was founded in 2022 by Brian Allan, Sara Salyers, Laurie Flynn and Alf Baird.

Brian Allan   

Brian is retired from the electricity supply industry and is the chair of Salvo. He is responsible for forming and maintaining communications with other activist groups.

Brian can be contacted at .


brian allan

Sara Salyers

Sara is a former television journalist and award-winning researcher working for clients including C4, BBC and party political broadcasts for the SNP and was also a college teacher in Fife and in the USA. She published an academic paper on the effects of the colonial approach to teaching English. Sara is responsible for research, communication and publicity for Salvo.

Sara can be contacted at .

sara salyers

Laurie Flynn

Laurie is a former ITV World In Action television producer later working for The Guardian investigating fake documentaries and police corruption in the failed murder investigations of Daniel Morgan and Stephen Lawrence. He is the author of “Studded With Diamonds and Paved With Gold“, a book-length investigation of business crime in the Anglo/South African mining industry and co-author of  “Untouchables Dirty Cops, Bent Justice and Racism in the Metropolitan Police” Laurie is a research associate with Salvo.

laurie flynn

Alf Baird

Alf is the former professor of Maritime Business and director of the Maritime Research Group at Edinburgh Napier University. He has a PhD in strategic management in global shipping and has published more than 200 research articles along with 150 conference papers. He has won several international awards for applied research and development work. More recently, Alf has written and published “Doun-hauden” on the effect of colonialism on the Scottish independence movement.


alf baird