We Are Salvo

Salvo was formed to restore Scotland’s constitution. Salvo is not a political party. We are the campaigning arm of Liberation Scotland.

We are dedicated to restoring Scotland’s national, constitutional and historic rights as set out in our interim constitution.

Our mission is to bring the Scottish people together again and awaken them to the fact that Scotland’s constitutional future is not dependant on any political deal with a Westminster government. Instead, we will make them aware of the Claim of Right, which was not destroyed by the Treaty of Union but was a critical part of the UK’s creation and remains the lawful guarantee of Scotland’s deliberately hidden constitution. 

In doing so, we will not promote or denigrate our national political parties. We will achieve our purpose by restoring our constitution, not by taking sides in party politics. Neither will we harbour or make racist or discriminatory comments but will abide by the terms of our interim constitution and our Sovereign Scot policy.

When people become aware of their rights and how they can restore them by the simple expedient of signing the Edinburgh Proclamation, we will create an unstoppable Scottish Liberation Movement for the restoration of our constitution. And once restored it will be for the people of Scotland alone – not any outside body – to choose the government that best suits our needs.

We are Salvo. We will restore Scotland’s constitution, we will build a Scottish political and judicial system that meets the needs of the people and we will secure our right of self-determination.