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Reclaim The Scottish Constitution

Reclaiming our constitution is the only way to return to self government

The Claim of Right

The Claim of Right is the key to reclaiming our constitution

What you can do

You are Yes. Become the National Liberation Movement and force the government to use the Claim of Right.

Scotland’s Constitutional Reality

Historical context and relevance today by Professor Alf Baird

Ending The Union

The Claim of Right is a standing constitution that remains in force in Scotland today, under treaty and constitutional law. We can and should use it to kill the Union.

The Scottish Constitution

Our constitution based on the Claim of Right still empowers us to reject any law, any policy or any government which goes against the expressed will of the people.

Contemporary and Historical Resources

An extensive, painstakingly researched, library of files and documents from 800 years of Scottish legal and parliamentary history. Try The Claim of Right is Scotland’s Magna Carta first – it’s a good read.

How The Union Began

The Claim of Right charts a path to restoring self-government. But why is it that this modern, educated, wealthy country of ours is shackled to and controlled by another country? How did that happen?

Project Sovereignty

The way forward in the modern context. How we make the Convention of the Estates a legal right in domestic and international law.


SSRG Conference

29 – 31 July, Carnegie Conference Centre, Dunfermline

With national and international speakers and breakout rooms to enable discussion and debate, it will be the conference where you create a new, energised campaign and start the process of building the new Scottish state.

“The principle of the unlimited sovereignty of Parliament is a distinctively English principle which has no counterpart in Scottish constitutional law.”

Ian Blackford, SNP Westminster Leader, 10 May, 2022, quoting Lord Cooper in the Court of Session, 1953

"The Claim of Right is a standing constitution that remains in force in Scotland under treaty and constitutional law."

Sara Salyers, author of The Treaty Bites Back

"The Claim of Right represents Scotland’s forgotten constitution, intentionally pushed out of sight and out of mind and hence denied us by our colonial oppressor."

Professor Alfred Baird