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The Plundering of Scotland

The Union of Scotland and England is built on a lie.

The lie is that the UK parliament has sovereignty over Scotland. It doesn’t. It’s a lie. But the lie was necessary for the UK to shackle and subjugate Scotland.

It then proceeded to commit massive criminal fraud by ransacking and stealing Scotland’s natural resources while the lie ensured we were treated as nothing more than a colony.

The Union has been a cover for the stealing from Scotland since the 18th century and it’s still going on in the 21st century. Of the £80bn expected revenues from oil and gas over the next six years, £65bn will be stolen from Scotland.

We are Salvo, the campaigning arm of Liberation Scotland, which has accused the UK government of fraud and will be bringing a case for compensation before the International Court of Justice. The submission and accompanying press release are linked below:

Reclaiming the Rights of the Sovereign, Territorial, Nation of Scotland

Press Release accompanying the submission

Whether you’re a long time supporter of independence or someone who has started to find out the truth about the ‘voluntary’ Union of Scotland and England, then join the thousands of your fellow Scots in the Scottish Liberation Movement. It’s free and does not commit you to anything other than declaring the right of the people of Scotland to the ownership of Scotland.

And when you want to campaign, join us in Salvo. We and the thousands who have joined us already, would love to have you on board spreading the word about the Claim of Right and the Scottish Constitution.

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Sara Salyers explain the Claim of Right

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Salvo was formed to restore Scotland’s Claim of Right. It’s not going to be easy. We are up against a powerful and utterly determined British Establishment that will do everything in its power to rubbish the truth about Scotland’s constitution as foolish and divorced from the political reality. But political realities can change.

We need you to change the political reality and help build an unstoppable liberation movement to restore our ancient and rightful constitution through the Claim of Right.

Start by joining us. Then read more about our astonishing history and how the Claim of Right was the culmination of centuries of law that formed our constitution, a constitution kept hidden for over 300 years by the pernicious and forced Union of Scotland and England.

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The Claim of Right

The Claim of Right

For centuries, our political and legal character before the Treaty of Union in 1707 has been sneered at. Apparently, we were a nation dominated by English-style nobles where the rights of the ‘small folk’, the ordinary man and woman, were virtually non-existent.

But it’s not true.

Scotland was a nation that held power to account, that saw to the needs of the poor and the rights of everybody. It tells of the right to rebellion against tyranny and of the care of a people for the education of the poorest as well as the richest. Of the right not only to justice for all but of the kind of justice that applied to king or a candlemaker alike.

It’s about time we all knew true history of our constitution. And be proud of it. And once you know about it, to join Salvo to get it back.

The Claim of Right and the Union of Scotland & England

In the difficult negotiations for the Union of Scotland and England, there was one especially thorny obstacle: the two nations had opposing and irreconcilable constitutions.

In England, the Bill of Rights gave parliament sovereignty over the people. But in Scotland the Claim of Right ensured the sovereignty of the people, not parliament.

The incompatibility of the constitutions could not be resolved. Instead, the two nations agreed to keep their separate constitutions, with a guarantee to Scotland.

The guarantee was to specify the Claim of Right as a condition of the treaty and of the Union itself, “for all time coming”.

Scotland’s History, Claim of Right and Constitution

Colony or Partner

Scotland is either a partner in a Union of two countries or it’s a colony of England. It’s one or the other. But how could Scotland be a colony? Professor Alf Baird explains.

Why the Claim of Right Matters

Just because it’s old, doesn’t mean it’s not relevant today. The Claim of Right enables us to build not just an independent country but also a better, fairer one, one where the people are sovereign – not parliament or the monarchy.

The Scottish Constitution

Our constitution based on the Claim of Right still empowers us to reject any law, any policy or any government which goes against the expressed will of the people.

How The Union Came To Be

The Claim of Right charts a path to restoring self-government. But why is it that this modern, educated, wealthy country of ours is shackled to and controlled by another country? How did that happen?

Ending The Union

The Claim of Right is a standing constitution that remains in force in Scotland today, under treaty and constitutional law. We can and should use it to dissolve the Union.

Contemporary and Historical Resources

An extensive, painstakingly researched, library of files and documents from 800 years of Scottish legal and parliamentary history. Try The Claim of Right is Scotland’s Magna Carta first – it’s a good read.

Watch Sara Salyers explain the Claim of Right

The true history of Scottish political and social development is something most of us were never taught or learned. Yet it is a marvel and a thing to be proud of. It reveals the deep roots of our values, ideals and aspirations and explains our sense that being a Scot is something quite different from being ‘British. And more than this, it includes something urgently important right now: our own constitution.

Reclaiming The Scottish Constitution


“The principle of the unlimited sovereignty of Parliament is a distinctively English principle which has no counterpart in Scottish constitutional law.”
Ian Blackford, MP

10 May, 2022, quoting Lord Cooper in the Court of Session, 1953

“The Claim of Right is a standing constitution that remains in force in Scotland under treaty and constitutional law.”
Sara Salyers

Author of 'The Treaty Bites Back'

“The Claim of Right represents Scotland’s forgotten constitution, intentionally pushed out of sight and out of mind and hence denied us by our colonial oppressor.”
Professor Alf Baird

“only independence can guarantee the democracy we want where decisions are taken by, or on behalf of, the sovereign people of Scotland”
Joanna Cherry MP

“fundamentally, the democratic deficit cannot be fixed within a system founded on the principle of Westminster sovereignty. ”
Nicola Sturgeon FM

14 July 2022, launching the SNP's second independence paper

It can hardly be argued that the Claim of Right is merely a historical curiosity, when one of the first acts of the new King is to be required to swear an oath to uphold it!

Alex Salmond