To Be a Sovereign Scot

To be a Sovereign Scot is about belonging to or becoming part of our nation.

Nationhood is conferred by birth or parentage or choice and always was: it is not the same thing as ethnicity.

A nation is defined not by ethnicity but by cultural, linguistic, traditional, social and constitutional expressions of identity. And those who share or willingly commit to share those expressions of identity are equal members. When you lose sight of that you have lost sight of what it means to be a nation – a people with one spirit.

The non-parliamentary body that enacted the Claim of Right was the Convention of the Estates. In modern language, the Assembly of the Communities of Scotland – all of the communities of Scotland.

For those who ask, who are the sovereign Scots? there is your answer. All who choose to commit to the nation of Scotland from any of the communities of this nation.