Neale Hanvey Speech 010922

Speech to Gathering: 01.09.22


It is necessary for the good of Scotland that her government offices and institutions be cleared of those planted here who seek undeserved reward for personal not national gain; this unwarranted advantage they claim arises from the blatant abuse of powers and control bestowed by the Act of Union of 1707, to the severe and longstanding harm of Scotland and her people.

That Act was opposed by almost the entire population of Scotland, entered into for financial and reputational advancement of a parcel of ‘nobles’ otherwise known as ‘rogues,’ and to this day remains a stain on the Scottish tradition of the sovereignty of the people.

Such sovereignty has a voice echoing through centuries which demands that the will of the people is the highest authority of our nation. But the popular will of the people expressed in the repeated rejection of the current governing party of the ‘United Kingdom’ – the Conservatives who have not won an election in Scotland since 1955 – is brushed aside by this Union.

The people’s view, expressed in 2015, 2016, 2017,2019 and 2021 is that they favour and support Independence minded parties. The people mandated a referendum on Independence in lawful electoral events on a repeated and consistent basis. That there has been no resulting referendum is an offence to the democratic process, contrary to international law and natural justice and a violation of the sovereignty of the people over their government.

Both sovereignty and simple democracy are denied to Scots by dint of the intransigence, political obstinacy and cowardice of those elected to serve the electorate of England, partner to the Act of 1707.

But Scotland’s voice is heard this day.

It is the voice of a nation entitled to withdraw from a Union which was flawed from inception, has served no useful purpose for Scotland but which has hobbled, stunted and withheld her progress and development.

Today Scotland serves notice that the chains of the Unicorn are broken; the Act of Union is resiled from by and on behalf of Scotland’s people and the occupying forces of the partner in Union are required to withdraw from Scotland forthwith and to leave her territorial integrity intact.

We contend not for glory, nor honour, nor riches, but for freedom, only and alone. And that no good man or woman gives up, but with life itself.

Saor Alba gu brath.

(Neale then read the Notice to Quit)

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