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It’s been almost nine years since we lost the independence referendum. A referendum that should have been just the prelude to the next one, which we knew we’d win. But here we are, eight years and seven mandates later. Not an inch closer to independence. We’ve all done our best to keep the independence dream alive. But, now, it is obvious that the dream will die if we do not make it happen. And only the people can do that.

It’s time for something that does not depend on judgements from the UK Supreme Court, for something that doesn’t mean demanding, asking, begging the British state for permission. As if the state were truly and lawfully sovereign over the Scottish people. As if the authority of an English parliament trumps the clear will of the Scottish people, no matter how they vote.

But we know different, now. We know that our constitutional sovereignty means the people of Scotland do not have to ask!

So, on Saturday 22 July, exactly 317 years to the day when the details of the disastrous Treaty of Union were agreed, a group of writers, speakers and activists from across Scotland’s Independence movement will launch a new, national campaign with a very different approach. One that does not ask permission of anyone. Instead it:

  • affirms the sovereignty of Scotland’s people
  • upholds the constitutional settlement of the “Union”
  • requires political recognition of the lawful, Scottish constitution
  • and will pursue our inalienable right of self-determination as guaranteed under international law.

Salvo has agreed to ‘sponsor’ and assist this campaign because it stands on the authority of the Scottish people alone, an authority that must be restored to its rightful place above all other authorities of the state. Over the coming weeks, the campaign will reach out to all independence supporting groups and organisations across Scotland. And Salvo will have the opportunity to play a key part.

(Full details of the campaign will be provided at a press conference at 12.30pm on 22nd July 23 in the Greyfriars Charteris Centre,138/140 Pleasance, Edinburgh, EH8 9RR which will be live streamed by Independence Live)

On Saturday 22 July, at 3pm, outside Holyrood, on the 317th anniversary of the final design for Scotland’s doom, we’re inviting you to be part of it. Come and help to deliver the first blast of the ‘salvo’ heralding Scotland’s rejection of more than 300 years of unlawful annexation and tyranny.

Next Saturday, everything will change.