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Meet at Eden Court, 1pm, Saturday 11 March.

Why The Claim of Right Matters

The Claim of Right enables us to build not just an independent country but also a better, fairer one,

The Declaration of the Estates

The Declaration of the Estates of the Kingdom of Scotland containing the Claim of Right and the offer of the Croune to the King and Queen of England (historical document)

A Real and Ancient Constitution

A timeline along the path of Scotland’s ancient constitution, from pre-medieval times to the moment when the Union suppressed our national identity and with it our unique constitution.

The Treaty Bites Back

The forgotten condition of the Treat of Union – what every Scot should know. Plus, Dicey demolished: even if you’ve never heard of him, by the end of this you’ll bilin’ at he – and by extension the UK govt – did to keep our ancient birthright from us – and why.