Author: Stendahl

I’m seeing three separate braids in our Independence situation.

The first is in the approach to the Referendum. As England became increasingly neoliberal, Scotland started to notice the deep unfairness of such a system, and to notice that voting Labour wasn’t much different to voting Conservative. Many of us started voting SNP, in order to get the economy and the democracy we yearned for. The origin of this problem is plainly in England.

That story is ongoing. The rich are still getting richer, the poor are still getting poorer, public services are being privatized and the NHS is under continual attack.

The second stage was the inability of the Scottish Government to make progress with Independence since then. The failure of the Scottish political class to create progress towards Independence – whoever we wish to blame – is in Scotland.

We at Salvo will be only too happy to see any progress from any party, but we are still waiting. Indeed we have been waiting for three hundred years. That story too is ongoing.

But now we are in a third phase, where lots of policies are being rolled out which nobody had expected. Freeports, fifteen minute cities, a pending cashless economy, zero-carbon emission targets, lots of responses to global warming, which don’t solve global warming very much at all, but do remove key freedoms from ordinary people. This latest phase is tricky, because we can see that originates not in Scotland or in England, but in the World Economic Forum. This is no conspiracy theory. They published their plans and we’re witnessing them being implemented.

This latest story is particularly difficult to communicate. It’s slightly different from the English colonialism we were fighting ten years ago. We see the Scottish Government working closely with Westminster on Freeports. But we can also see the same projects being carried out all over the world, so the whole dynamic is different. And our position is the same: Independence and the Restoration of our Rights. Scotland is its own country, we are entitled to make our own decisions about our own resources and our own interests. We are not children under the care of our governments, either in England or Scotland. They are supposed to be serving us.

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I am a realist writer from 18th century France.