Author: Stendahl


One of the purposes of this blog is to protect you from people who are wrong. These people exist and many of them are on the internet. I know. It’s true. But don’t worry.  I am here, to protect you from their wrongness.  I have this argument now and again, with English nationalists having a go at Scottish Independence. We are usually already debating some other issue in UK politics. Perhaps they are saying that Jeremy Corbyn would have put us into the strikes and inflation of the 1970s and I have to remind them that the current government is doing exactly that. As soon as that happens, they naturally start to change the subject and enough times, they notice I’m Scottish and decide to lecture me about Scottish Independence.  In no particular order, these are the points they put forward;

Unionist – We are having to bail you out.

Me – On the contrary. It was our oil revenues which made Thatcher’s economic policies possible, it was us who bailed you out of Leahmanshock and we’re now paying for the Brexit we voted against and when we ask for investment, you tell us there is no magic money tree. But we are your magic money tree.

Unionist – Where’s your data?

Me – The data is obscured. By Westminster. That’s how we know it’s an embarrassment.

Unionist – But you’re forgetting the Acts of Union makes Scotland part of Britain.

Me – In a voluntary union, which we ought to be able to leave. If we have no means to leave, that’s a breach of the Union. Q.E.D.

Unionist – But you can only have one vote in a generation.

Me – That would be about now then, wouldn’t it?

Unionist – Yes, but most Scots don’t want to leave.

Me – Without a referendum, we don’t really know that.

Unionist – You bloody Jocks! You’re just a bunch of useless wasters. Alcoholic, drug dealing criminals. Been there. It’s just like the Trainspotting movie, every bloody one of you. What have you got to offer the world beside child abuse and domestic violence… and stupid accents?

Me – All true, all true. In fact you’re being too kind. We are a disgrace for a nation, devoid of honesty or honour, valour or virtue. But you are overlooking one simple fact : It is we, us, the Scots, the horrible orc armies of the North, it is we who wish to be independent… from you.

That always finishes it. Blocked. Point to me.


24th December, 2022.



I am a realist writer from 18th century France.