The Plundering of Scotland

The Union of Scotland and England is built on a lie.

There is no ‘precious union’. The Union is a fraud.

The fraud has enabled the British state to systemically ransack and pillage Scotland for over 300 years. It continues today.

Now that you know, what will you do?


We Are Salvo

Salvo is the campaign arm of Liberation Scotland. Liberation Scotland is the Scottish Liberation Movement created to free Scotland from the Union and take back what is ours.

We have nearly 6,000 members. We will have the UN on our side. And we have our constitution, which guarantees the sovereignty of the Scottish people but which is ignored and hidden from us by the British state.

We say, no longer. We will take back what is ours. Join us and fight for our liberation.


How to free our country and take back what is ours

Salvo is the campaign arm of Liberation Scotland, the Scottish Liberation Movement that will free Scotland from British colonial rule and take back what is ours.


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Get Involved – We’re Local

Salvo is a non-political organisation – we’re not linked to any political party. Nor are we a ‘top-down’ outfit. There are 17 regional groups – we call them Campaign Hubs – that campaign across Scotland for Liberation. Find yours.

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Scotland’s History, Claim of Right and Constitution

Colony or Partner

Scotland is either a partner in a Union of two countries or it’s a colony of England. It’s one or the other. But how could Scotland be a colony? Professor Alf Baird explains.

Why the Claim of Right Matters

Just because it’s old, doesn’t mean it’s not relevant today. The Claim of Right enables us to build not just an independent country but also a better, fairer one, one where the people are sovereign – not parliament or the monarchy.

The Scottish Constitution

Our constitution based on the Claim of Right still empowers us to reject any law, any policy or any government which goes against the expressed will of the people.

How The Union Came To Be

The Claim of Right charts a path to restoring self-government. But why is it that this modern, educated, wealthy country of ours is shackled to and controlled by another country? How did that happen?

Ending The Union

The Claim of Right is a standing constitution that remains in force in Scotland today, under treaty and constitutional law. We can and should use it to dissolve the Union.

Contemporary and Historical Resources

An extensive, painstakingly researched, library of files and documents from 800 years of Scottish legal and parliamentary history. Try The Claim of Right is Scotland’s Magna Carta first – it’s a good read.

Watch Sara Salyers explain the Claim of Right

The true history of Scottish political and social development is something most of us were never taught or learned. Yet it is a marvel and a thing to be proud of. It reveals the deep roots of our values, ideals and aspirations and explains our sense that being a Scot is something quite different from being ‘British. And more than this, it includes something urgently important right now: our own constitution.

Reclaiming The Scottish Constitution


“The principle of the unlimited sovereignty of Parliament is a distinctively English principle which has no counterpart in Scottish constitutional law.”
Ian Blackford, MP

10 May, 2022, quoting Lord Cooper in the Court of Session, 1953

“The Claim of Right is a standing constitution that remains in force in Scotland under treaty and constitutional law.”
Sara Salyers

Author of 'The Treaty Bites Back'

“The Claim of Right represents Scotland’s forgotten constitution, intentionally pushed out of sight and out of mind and hence denied us by our colonial oppressor.”
Professor Alf Baird

“only independence can guarantee the democracy we want where decisions are taken by, or on behalf of, the sovereign people of Scotland”
Joanna Cherry MP

“fundamentally, the democratic deficit cannot be fixed within a system founded on the principle of Westminster sovereignty. ”
Nicola Sturgeon FM

14 July 2022, launching the SNP's second independence paper

It can hardly be argued that the Claim of Right is merely a historical curiosity, when one of the first acts of the new King is to be required to swear an oath to uphold it!

Alex Salmond