Notice to Quit

Notice to Quit

This legal intimation is addressed to:
The Office of the Secretary of State for Scotland, The Right Honourable Alister Jack, MP

You, your employees, staff, servants and lackeys are hereby served with notice that you must quit, leave, depart, remove yourselves, your goods, gear and effects from all offices and departments occupied within the sovereign territory of Scotland.

Your removal is justified and required by law as the result of the actions of you and your predecessors and colleagues in office. Explanations in parenthesis are given for ease of comprehension. Your misdeeds comprising grounds for eviction include but are not restricted to:

i) treating Scotland as a colony, not as an equal partner in a political union
ii) asserting the authority to refuse permission for the democratically expressed will of the people. This is unlawful under our constitution which enshrines the supremacy of the Scottish people over all other authorities, including parliament
iii) legislating under Clause 38 in the EU Withdrawal Bill to overrule the sovereignty of the people of Scotland over the state, (a constitutional provision of more than 700 years standing), in violation of the standing condition of the international treaty governing the Union, the continuance in Scotland of the Claim of Right Act and of our constitution
iv) ignoring and violating the human and civil rights guaranteed to our people under the Claim of Right Act 1689 and Scots law.
v) repeated deliberate betrayal, exploitation and impoverishment of the people of Scotland (not a family of nations but an abusive relationship about to end in divorce)
vi) disposal of Scotland’s natural assets, owned not by the state but by the nation, that is by the people, and their redeployment elsewhere to the benefit of other parts of the British Isles and for the profits of the privileged few but to the severe detriment of their true owners, the people of Scotland (This is known as pooling and sharing – we call it purloining and banditry)
vii) impoverishment of the people of Scotland resulting in untold drug deaths, suicides, hunger, malnutrition related diseases, childhood poverty and illness, massively shortened life expectancy and more
viii) wilful destruction of Scotland’s industries, steel, shipping, fisheries and more
ix) deliberate destruction of the cultures, languages and identity of Scotland’s people
x) failure to secure and promote the health of the Scottish people (the common good) during the coronavirus pandemic, causing untold deaths and human tragedies (you said 4 nations – we call it murder)
xi) Brexit (otherwise known as economic and international suicide)
xii) constant inherent illegal warmongering, sabre rattling and posturing as a bully on the world stage viz the obscenity on the Clyde and the sale of arms to inhumane regimes ( it’s beyond embarrassing to remain associated with your callous and xenophobic racist rule)

These examples are not exhaustive and will be supplemented ad longum in the event of resistance.

Your time is up.

For and on behalf of the Sovereign People of the Independent Republic of Scotland

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