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Following our successful Hub launch, H&I Hub core has prepared the attached media/press release for immediate use, and are sending it out to media across the Highlands and Islands with the aim of getting ‘pick up’ and potentially some interviews.

Please help the Hub publicity effort by sharing the attached with press and radio in your local area. The louder the noise we make, the sooner we’ll achieve 100,000 liberation signatures. Many thanks.

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Liberation is the Message of our Time

Liberation is a message whose time has come – for Scotland – and across the world.

Is Scotland run as an English colony?

The first goal of The Scottish Liberation Movement is to obtain international support and an advisory ruling on whether:

  • Scotland is in a voluntary union entitled to: rights under the terms of the union Treaty; and to have UK honour its Treaty obligations.
  • Or if Scotland has no such rights and is a colony of England. (In which case Scotland’s case would be referred to the UN Committee for Decolonisation.)

Add your name in support of Scottish liberation – and encourage every one you know to add theirs.

Get involved, join Salvo the campaigning arm of the Scottish Liberation Movement

Listen to Alf Baird, Scottish National Congress member

Life isn’t meant to be like this in Scotland

Scotland is one of the most ancient nations in Europe with an almost uniquely progressive social and political legacy.

Life wisnae meant tae be like this in Scotland today; where politicians on both sides of the border act against our common good without accountability

The current political situation is illegal. The truth of our real power as sovereign Scots has been hidden from us by politicians for over 300 years.

Know your past, shape your future

We are already working to gather international support for Scotland’s right to Self determination.

When have 100,000 signatories for liberation.scot Salvo will seek an advisory ruling in the international courts on whether Scotland:

  • is in a voluntary union, (entitled to its rights under the terms of the ‘contract’/Treaty and entitled to have UK honour its obligations under the Treaty, Claim of Right, territorial sovereignty).
  • has no such rights or obligations. This ruling would make Scotland a colony of England and would result in the referral of Scotland’s case to the UN Committee for decolonisation

A message of encouragement from a top Icelandic Economist

You have the resources, the country, the people, the history, the ocean, the energy. It’s up to you what you want to do.

Former Icelandic Bank Board Chair, Jon Egilsson, on Scotland’s enormous potential.

Think like a Scot

Salvo’s message from our forebears is humbling and transformational. It asks us to ‘Think like a Scot’.

Our unique individual contributions and the huge wealth of our natural resources will enable us to build on our ancient constitutional inheritance to propel Scotland onto a trajectory of well being – unthinkable under the current broken system.

For generations, Scots have become accustomed to being told by politicians, institutions and corporations ‘how it’s going to be’.  It is now our responsibility as sovereign Scots to re-imagine our communities and our country –  with a focus on the long term common good.

We’ll share here, a few examples of such ‘people centred thinking’ from elsewhere.

Education in Finland

Finland with a population of 5.5 million (the same as Scotland), has consistently ranked very highly in the PISA study which, every three years since 2000, compares school systems internationally to enable countries to improve their education policies and outcomes. PISA measures problem solving and cognition.

Having the highest High School completion rate in the world and its tertiary education independently ranked first globally, Finland is considered by some to have the world’s most well-developed education system.

National social values underpin education in Finland

People’s democracy in action in the Finnish school system

The Union on Trial

Scotland is a Sovereign Territorial Nation.

The territory of Scotland and our natural resources were never part of the Union with England and the UK government never had right to plunder Scotland’s land, sea – nor our national resources, including the oil & gas. The UK government have acted illegally for over 300 years – and are doing so to this day.

In Scotland, the people own the land, the sea – and all of the natural resources


Like Scotland, Faroe is a Sovereign Territorial Nation.

Unlike Scotland, that status has been recognised internationally, and Faroe, with a population of only 50,000, has governed itself since 1948.

Also unlike Scotland, Faroe has her own currency – essential for managing a national economy for the benefit of her people.

Putting people first – Faroese undersea tunnels.

Why Norway Is So Rich and Scotland So Poor

Scotland’s oil and gas yield has been slightly higher than that of Norway. Of a similar population size to Scotland but with a far smaller reserve of oil and gas, Norway has accumulated a Common Good fund of circa £1.3 Trillion, over and above the, very considerable, modern infrastructure, connectivity and community investment which has been undertaken over the past 50 years for the benefit of the Norwegian people. Meanwhile, Scotland is one of only two countries, along with Venezuela, to have found oil and not have a publicly owned energy company. In fact, these are the only countries to have become poorer following the discovery of oil and gas.

At least 50% of the Scottish oil reserve remains; Scotland’s wind, water, and solar renewable resource is circa 25% of the European total. The Scottish people are, legally at least, extremely wealthy. We have the means to propel Scotland onto a trajectory of personal and national growth.

Why Oil doesn’t corrupt Norway.

Salvo calls for:

The immediate cessation of this continuing crime and restitution for the wrongs committed against the nation of Scotland. Such restitution shall include:

  • the restoration of the sovereignty of the people over their governments, representatives and public institutions through modern and accessible mechanisms such as those which the Swiss model affords, provisions for referendums on demand and full and free public access to information on all matters of public policy or issues affecting the Common Good;
  • the restoration of public control, by and for the Scottish people, of the assets which belong exclusively to the sovereign, territorial nation of Scotland under the constitutional character of the Scottish Crown, as representative of the Community of the Realm;
  • the restoration of Scottish laws, especially those guaranteeing the rights, liberties and protections afforded to the people;
  • the full and unreserved acknowledgment by the UK government that it has abused the terms of the Union, violated its agreement with the nation of Scotland, exploited its superior numbers within the UK Parliament and broken both Scots and international law. In an ongoing act of colonisation it has: exceeded the limits of the powers granted by Treaty so as to seize the wealth of the assets that belong exclusively to the Community of the Realm in right of the Scottish Crown; replaced the history, constitution, laws, rights and privileges of the people of Scotland with those of England, a foreign power whose domination Scotland rejected for hundreds of years and whose political and legal tyranny remains alien and unacceptable to the people of this nation and denied the people of Scotland any means by which to reclaim of uphold their lawful rights.

Seven lies we’ve been told.

Coming soon – Union on Trial events

Have your Say for the first time in over 300 years

The joint campaign of Salvo, Liberation Scotland and the Scottish National Congress is currently in preparation for launch this summer. It will share the truth about the Union and Scotland’s rights under both the Treaty of Union and international law.

Live events across the country will offer Scots the chance to engage with our constitutional rights and issues and with the aims of the Scottish Liberation campaign in the struggle for Scottish self-determination.

Folk will be invited to offer their own testimony and evidence on the issues set out in the trial hearings, recording and to express their own desires for remedy and for the future of the nation of Scotland.

The events will be widely publicised. Salvo H&I Hub members will receive advance information directly.

We invite you to have your say in advance of the live events:

Your evidence can be historical in nature or examples of current Treaty of Union breaches which show that Scotland and Scots are not being honoured as an equal partner in the union in line with the foundational constitutional principles of Scotland, enshrined in the Claim of Right or in our Scots Law.

For example:

  • The Scottish people are sovereign over monarch and government – with government/monarch accountable to the people;
  • The common good of the people, our Law of Laws, must be upheld by the representatives of the people. Punishable by pain of removal
  • That before the union with England, it was illegal in Scotland for people to go hungry; to be denied the same justice as the wealthiest and most powerful members of society; to be charged unaffordable rent on their homes; to be denied the right to protest or to rebel; and that profiteering in any form at the expense of the common good was, and should remain, unlawful.
  • That the People own the Scottish land and sea and the natural resources of Scotland

Write an article, a poem or a song / make a video – express yourself in the way that makes you feel most comfortable. Share what you produce on social media; tell people to look out for Union on Trial events; to sign at liberation.scot ; get involved at salvo.scot ; and send your creation to us at . We’ll archive it – and will post some of the testimony we receive on this page.

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Add your name in support of Scottish liberation and encourage every one you know to add theirs

Get involved, join Salvo the campaigning arm of the Scottish Liberation Movement